My name is Carissa and I have created this platform to spread an idea of doing all things through love. We are all passionate about so many things that nobody knows and I am sure we have some in common. I'm constantly sharing what I am passionate about and giving you the opportunity to express yours and advocate with me. My style is not categorizable; I just create what I love and no longer compartmentalize parts of myself. The best way to be relatable and spread love is to be honest with who you are and I hope to do that. 

All of my blog posts are just brain dumps of whatever I am passionate about that day. I am attempting to not edit or micromanage my free writes to keep them organic and explicit. I've always had trouble proofreading my own material and tend to get lazy, hence the sweatpants, and have found success in not doing it (for the most part). I am also highly critical of myself and once I begin editing, it will end as a completely different idea and that's the opposite of what I want. I want to just word vomit until my intuition stops feeding them to me. 

I hope you see the passion and true excitement in my words and find where they resonate with you. I want you to feel comfortable, so definitely reach out if your intuition tells you to.

Welcome, make yourself at home!


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