My Realization And Transformation To All Love Living

I forgive my body… I forgive my immune system for the pain it has caused my mind and my body. It does not serve me or my immune system any good to hold on to resentment for what has happened. The only way I can serve myself, my disease, and others is through love. Yes, I’m often in pain, yes it’s distracting and bothersome. There are days that this is not easy to see, there are days that I want to distract myself with the pain and the negative emotions that I have towards this pain. What good is that? What does this serve to feel sorry for myself or feel anything that is not love toward myself and others? I will not help my body heal by forcing it into a stressed state as a response to my negative emotion and energy. Relationships are not going to change by constantly using evil and anger to steer. If someone isn’t jiving with me, why am I wasting my time and energy feeling forced to change them and make myself feel productive… which is never going to happen if I am trying to force a relationship. If we just love, our enemies will respond to it, those we don’t see eye to eye with will feel love. That’s all I want to accomplish, it may not come back directly from that source, but we will receive it in all parts of our life. Why would we want to remove that energy from the universe. Our entire universe is constantly attracting and releasing energy; why would we pollute it with negative energy in the way we pollute our atmosphere with our egos and the garbage it creates. 

Do we truly find it acceptable to spread the feelings that torture us? We are only feeling that because we are addicted to it, we fall into the loop of energy and everything we release is brought back and we wonder why this only happens to us. 

My disease isn’t a consequence of something I did wrong, it is merely something I attracted because I obviously needed to learn to come into the world with love no matter what, rather than waiting to see what the universe serves me today to determine my energy.


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